– Are you reliant on power to keep yourself in business?
– Looking for a guarantee that your electrical emergencies will be dealt with quickly and efficiently?
– Does your insurance company need your electrics to meet set criteria?

Welcome to the ICEE plan for small businesses, In Case of Electrical Emergency, We all know that our business reputation is important. Things out of our control can often impact our ability to deliver a service to customers and can result in disruption as well as a tarnished reputation.
The ICEE plan for small businesses is designed to take the stress and worry away from your electrical needs and emergencies.
Through receiving a yearly visual electrical inspection, yearly pat testing and an electrical safety inspection every 5 years we aim to make the process run smoothly and efficiently, with minimum impact to your business and customers. Also giving you the added bonus of piece of mind to know that if you do have an electrical emergency it will be dealt with quickly and not at a huge expense to your business.