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A rainy and cold winter day is the perfect time for you to carry out some household DIY. Putting up shelving in the kid’s room is fine. Giving the living room a fresh coat of paint is fine. These tasks are relatively risk free and easy to carry out.

When it comes to electrical DIY there can be that temptation to do it yourself. You may successfully carry out the fixing and installation of electrical items, but how safe is the work really? One of the biggest risks to households is electrical fires from poor wiring.

Also, why risk attempting a job that could kill you? Have you ever felt an electric shock? As an electrician, there have been times when we have got a small shock, it is not a pleasant experience.

I have lost count of the times we have been called out to fix electrical DIY that has gone wrong. In the long run, it will prove costlier than calling out an electrician in the first place.

Taking Part P into consideration

A major thing to consider is, does the electrical DIY comply with Part P? All electrical installation work in a home, garden, conservatory or outbuilding must meet the Building Regulations. Part P applies to any changes made to existing installations, including any parts that have been rewired.

Apart from some types of minor work, all electrical work must either be reported to the local-authority building-control which can prove costly or be carried out by an electrician.

Part P also states that anyone carrying out electrical installation work in a home must make sure that the work is designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks.

Use a registered electrician

When looking for an electrician you should always choose an NICEC registered electrician. They will be assessed on a regular basis to ensure they meet the relevant safety and technical standards along with the rules of the NICEC scheme. This will ensure the electrician is capable and competent to carry out the task in hand. Green Door Electrical are one of those electricians registered on this scheme.

With all major building projects, there will be building regulations to comply too. NICEIC registered electricians can self-certify their own work with the Local Building Control Body. This will save you time and money.

Why risk it, call in an electrician. Call Green Door Electrical on 01275 267979

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